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viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Artension Discografia


aqui les dejo esta muy buena banda con los teclados del maestro vitalij kuprij ...disfrutenlo!!
Genre:Progressive Metal

Roger Staffelbach: Guitar
John Onder: Bass
John West: Vocals

Artension - Into The Eye Of The Storm
into the eye of the storm

Tracklist :

1. World Of Illusion
2. Into The Eye Of The Storm
3. Smoke And Fire
4. The Wind And The Rain
5. Lost Memory
6. The Key 06:35
7. Song Of The Desert
8. Red's Recovery
9. Let It Ride
10. I Don't Care


Artension - Machine

1. Machine
2. The Way
3. Madness Calling
4. Mother Earth
5. Wings of War
6. Evolution in Reverse
7. Time Goes Slowly by
8. The Loser Never Wins

Artension - Future World


1. Dark Before the Dawn
2. The Day of Judgement
3. Federation
4. Tree of Knowledge
5. "Prelude" (Theme by J.S. Bach - Instrumental)
6. Future World
7. Close to the Sun
8. Take Me In Your Arms
9. Stand & Fight ]
10. I Really, Really Don't Care (Instrumental)

Artension - Phoenix Rising

1. Area 51
2. Through The Gate
3. Valley Of The Kings
4. Blood Brother
5. Into The Blue
6. Phoenix Rising
7. Forbidden Love
8. The City Is Lost
9. Goin' Home

Artension - Secred Pathways


1. Voyage To Nasca
2. Your Victory
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Sacred Pathways
5. Silent Temple
6. The Emperor
7. Nightmare
8. The Killing
9. The Calm Before The Storm
10. March To Ruin
11. Flower Of The Orient

Artension - Forces Of Nature

1. The Forces Of Nature
2. Ride Like The Wind
3. Behind Your Eyes
4. The Truth
5. Tall Ships
6. Shape Shifter
7. Wild Trip
8. Guardian Of The Hunt
9. Lost Horizon

Artension - New Discovery


1. New Discovery
2. Remember My Name
3. Innocence Lost
4. The Last Survivor
5. Hearts Are Broken
6. Symphonic Expedition (instrumental)
7. Endless Days
8. Call of the Wild
9. Story Teller
10. Endless Days (radio edit)



Castrum (Hrv) Discografia

bueno una banda rara de Black Metal para que la agregen a su colleccion

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme : arkness
Pais:Croatia (Rijeka)

Last known line-up
Fra. Mortes Amalthea - Vocals, Bass
Dirgloch - Lead Guitar (Gorthaur's Wrath)
Insanus - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards (Unholy Inquisition, Hibernum, ex-Gorthaur's Wrath, ex-Death of Folk)

Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise

1. Weeping Inside Plagued Mirrors (Burial Of Ashen Bride) 10:01 [view lyrics]
2. A Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares 09:24 [view lyrics]
3. Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise 08:05 [view lyrics]
4. Tears Of Piano 03:39
5. On The Wings Of Dark Angel 06:35 [view lyrics]
6. Beyond The Mountains Of Frozen Spell 07:51 [view lyrics]
7. Obscurity Within Funeral Moon 05:44 [view lyrics]
8. For Those Wistful Moments In The Mist

In The Horizons Of The Dying Theatre

1. Fragments Of The Fall
2. Empress Of... (Insane... Sordid... Wicked...)
3. A Voice From The Haunted Graveyard
4. . . .
5. Dying Winter (Her Natural Despair And Violent Desire)
6. Thou Uprised Majesty In Thirsty Glance Of Dusk
7. Fields
8. Drakulin Ples (Dracula`s Dance)
9. Nocturnal Eden Behind Serpent Eyes
10. Wandering Between Solitary Dream
11. ...And The Curtain Falls


Abyssos (Sweden) Discografia

Genre(s):Melodic Black Metal

Pais:Sweden (Sundsvall)

Together We Summon the Dark

Line-up :
Rehn - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Meidal - bass
Soderlund - battery
Sedusa - session vocals

Music composed by Rehn
Lyrics written by Soderlund

1. We Hail Thy Entrance
2. Misty Autumn Dance
3. Banquet in the Dark (Black Friday)
4. Lord of the Sombre Reborn
5. In Fear They Left the World Unseen
6. As the Sky Turns Black Again (Love Eternal)
7. Together We Summon the Dark
8. I've Watched the Moon Grow Old
9. Through the Gloom into the Fire

Fhinsthanian Nightbreed

Rehn - Guitars, Keyboards and Bass
Söderlund - Drums
Af Fhinsta - Vocals (Session)

Guest Appearances:
Stefan Carlsson - Male Vocals
A-K Anger - Female Vocals
Mags - Guitar Solo on "Where the Witches might Fly"
John Östlund - Backing Vocals
Lotta Berge - Voice of the Wench

1. Masquerade in the Flames (Another Black Friday)
2. Finally I Kissed the Pale Horse
3. Where Even Angels Fear to Tread
4. She Only Flies at Night
5. Worthless Soul for Sale?
6. Fhinsthanian Nightbreed
7. Queen Covered in Black
8. Wherever the Witches Might Fly
9. Firebreathing Whore